Introduction to Roost

How Roost makes apartment buildings better and smarter

Digital services platform for apartment buildings

Roost provides an easy to find place for Australian apartment buyers or residents to find useful building information and services whenever they need it.


Roost is here to help

Roost is a ready-to-activate digital service platform for 74,000 Australian apartment buildings.

  • Roost enables prospective apartment buyers and residents to access useful information, services and people related to their building whenever they need it via an easy to find onlineĀ building page
  • Each Roost building comes with an embedded virtual concierge that helps residents with a range of tasks whenever they need it (report problems, contacting the building team, finding useful information, move-in support etc)
  • Building teams and committees can also use Roost to keep residents informed via bulletin boards, outbound email and SMS announcements and messaging

Roost’s basic plan is 100% free or upgrade to our premium plan for outbound email and SMS resident messaging.


What Roost can do


1. Resident building information


Residents, committees and building teams can activate their building with some basic data (here’s a quick guide).

Once activated, residents can register to their Roost building to access a resident dashboard with useful building information and building team contact information.

All Roost building pages comes with useful building data, insights as well as current sale and rental listings and recent sales and rental history.



2. Embedded virtual concierge


Roost’s mobile friendly virtual concierge supports a wide range of automated resident tasks including reporting and getting help with problems, contacting the building team, finding information and getting help with move-ins.

No more waiting for office hours or frustration trying to figure out who to contact.

Roost’s virtual concierge supports:

  • Resident information access (OC rules, residents guide, forms, moving guides etc)
  • Resident problem reporting and support
  • Moving assistance
  • Emergency contacts and support
  • Building and council services access and support
  • Inbound contact requests
  • Help buying products and services
  • Links to legacy resident management and owner portals and websites


3. Building announcements and resident messaging


Residents can also register to their Roost building to receive outbound email and SMS messages and announcements from their building team or committee and view on-site updates.

Resident comms is a premium plan feature.


4. Optional WhatsApp social groups


For those Owners Corporations who want their own private and secure resident-to-resident social network, we can set-up a WhatsApp group for residents to join and message with a link to this group on your Roost building page.

The committee can then nominate an Admin to manage and promote this group for those residents who choose to opt-in.

5. eCommerce and lead generation


Roost presents a resident product and services marketplace with chatbots that can use specific building and/or user data to support personalised guided conversations, as well as services and assistance for apartment property buyers and sellers (including strata property reports and certificates). These can be customised as required.

6. Privacy

Residents own and have full control of their Roost personal information and only authorised building management can access resident contact information.

Roost does not share personal resident information with any third party unless the resident explicitly requests it (for example, reporting a problem to a building team).

For more information, please refer to our Privacy statement and Terms of service.

Getting started

Roost buildings can be activated for resident online services in minutes and our basic plan is 100% free.

Simply find your Roost and click activate to provide information to activate the building.

Minimum data required to activate a building is:

  • Owners Corporation (or strata) manager contact information (email/mobile) and/or
  • Building or complex manager contact information if relevant (email/mobile)

More building info & documents can be added anytime here

Need more information? Contact us anytime.