Roost for Building Managers

Introduction to Roost resident management and communications

This is a quick guide to using Roost’s resident management and communications features. Send announcements to all residents via email or SMS, post a building bulletin, and view, edit or message individual residents to keep your building up to date.

Manager access is a premium feature only. You’ll need to subscribe to our premium plan for access to these features.


  1. Access
  2. Signing in
  3. Manager dashboard
  4. View/edit resident
  5. Messaging residents
  6. Moving out residents
  7. Building announcements
  8. Building posts

1. Access

Only approved building team or owners committee representatives have access to Roost Premium features. More information on our plans is here.

Managers must be a registered as a member of the building they will be managing to access to Manager features (click “join” and follow the prompts) and will only be able to manage their specific building. The Roost team will change the nominated manager role so they can access the Manager dashboard.

2. Signing in

Once assigned manager role, on sign-in a “manage” option will be visible on your building page. Click to access the manager admin console.

3. Manager admin

The manager dashboard enables manager roles to view all and edit all registered residents, post building notices or send an email or SMS to all registered residents or individual residents

4. View/edit resident

To view or edit resident details, click a resident. You can edit some details, but only residents can edit their email address. You can also click a resident email to send a message via your email client. Click a column header to sort by that category.

6. Messaging residents

To send a message to a resident, enter your message in the message box and select either email or SMS (if enabled).

Residents will receive an email and be able to reply directly to the nominated building team email.

7. Moving out residents

If a resident is known to be no longer living in the building, click “move out” to remove the resident from your resident list. They will no longer receive building announcements nor be listed in your resident list but will remain a Roost member.


8. Building announcements

On the main Manager screen, enter your building announcement in the message box and select email or SMS (if enabled). Messages will then be sent to all residents registered to the building.

Please note SMS messages are charged at $0.10 per message post-paid monthly.

9. Building posts

Managers can also post building updates to the building page which is viewable by all signed-in registered residents until deleted. To delete a current post, click the delete icon. The three most recent announcements are shown by default.