Activating your building

Quick guide to activating your building on Roost

About Roost

Roost is a digital service platform for your building that makes it better and smarter.

Roost helps apartment residents find useful information and services related to your building, report and get help with common problems, and receive updates from your committee and/or building team (take a tour).

Any resident can activate their building on Roost with some basic building information (and it’s free!).

Here’s a quick guide to activating your building…

How to activate your Roost

You can activate your building by providing some basic building information.

At a minimum we need to know who manages the common areas in your building and where problem reports go to.

This is usually:

  1. Your building manager or caretaker (if you have one) or
  2. Your owners corporation manager

For smaller buildings this could be your owners committee chairman or secretary.

You add more useful information such as your buildings’ moving information, residents guide, owners corporation rules, appliance manuals, utility information and more anytime.

Where can I find this information?

Your building and/or owners corporation manager’s details are usually on or near the front of your building or next to your mail boxes.

Here are some examples:

If you’re not sure just ask us.

Activate your Roost

OK – now that you have the information to activate your building, fill in this form and we can get started. We check the information to make sure it’s correct before activating.