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Find and explore useful building data and get expert help with your apartment purchase

Buying an apartment?

Roost offers Roost Building Reports for Australian apartment buildings with detailed insights into relative building performance, median unit capital value, rental value and rental yields by unit type, as well as location risks and detailed building sales and rental history data. We also show best performing buildings in a given area.

To get started simply search for a building by street address, building name or strata plan ID.

Need some help with your purchase?

If you’ve found your dream apartment, our property negotiation partner Hello Haus can help you research and secure your property faster and for less.

They will insulate you from the selling agent to control the negotiation, research the property, and help you buy at the lowest price and best terms up to four times faster than average buyers who go it alone.

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About Hello Haus

  • Hello Haus believe every property buyer should have expert representation when it comes to making life’s largest purchase.
  • They can insulate you from the selling agent, control the buying process, and expertly negotiate the lowest price and best terms up to four times faster than buyers who ‘go it alone’.
  • Their expert team of Analysts and Negotiators can secure your dream home or investment, saving you time, money, stress and uncertainty.