Roost for building teams

Offer an instant digital service platform for your apartment buildings for better, more efficient resident services

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Today’s apartment residents expect access to helpful information, services and people whenever they need it.

Offer residents and owners committees an always-on digital service platform for apartment buildings you manage with a virtual concierge that can handle a variety of common resident information and service requests 24/7.

Reduce inbound calls and emails through easy to access resident self-service and our premium plan enables easy outbound resident email and SMS announcements and messaging.

Choose from our free basic or premium plans to get started. Enterprise licences are also available for 10 plans or more.

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Basic Plan

100% free!

  • On-site virtual concierge chatbot
  • Customised building content and FAQs
  • Forward problem reports and contact requests to your building team
  • Onsite brand presence
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Premium Plan

$250 per year per building

  • On-site virtual concierge chatbot
  • Forward problem reports and contact requests to your building team
  • Send building announcements (email & SMS)
  • Resident contact management
  • Resident messaging (email & SMS)
  • Onsite brand presence and resident invites
  • Links to owner and/or resident platforms
  • Monthly reports
  • Email and phone support
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