Setting up your Virtual Concierge

How to set-up and optimise your buildings’ virtual concierge

Setting up your virtual concierge

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Each Roost building comes with its own easy to access virtual concierge that residents, building teams and committees can activate to help residents access useful information, services and people whenever they need it.

It’s super easy to activate your building’s virtual concierge – just find your building on Roost and follow the prompts, or go here.

Activations are free for residents, with basic and paid plans for building teams.

Here’s a quick guide to what your virtual concierge can do and what data is required.

1. Basic contact details

A basic activation requires contact details for key building service providers. This could be the building manager or caretaker in larger buildings, the Owners Corporation manager, or a committee email and after hours emergency number in smaller self-managed plans.

This information is used to forward common area problem reports to the right person, as well as direct residents to the right contact to get specific help or information.

The basics include:

  • Building Manager or Caretaker email and phone number (if there is one)
  • Owners Corporation manager’s business name, email and phone number
  • If the building has none of the above, we can present a preferred committee email and after hours emergency contact

2. Useful building information

Concierge can present a range of useful building information as either a link to documents hosted on an existing service, or host documents on Roost.

Documents can include:

  • Owners Corporation rules (link or PDF)
  • A residents guide (link or PDF)
  • Amenity booking information (link or PDF)
  • Moving guide (link or PDF)
  • Access control order forms (link or PDF)

3. Moving information

Moving usually generates a large volume of questions and your virtual concierge can welcome residents into your building and make moves easier.

Moving information includes;

  • Whether moves need to be booked with the building team
  • Move in times
  • Booking form or online booking system link
  • Moving guide and procedures (link or PDF)

4. Embedded network

If your building has an embedded network we can present this information. We can also use this information for energy enquiries, directing the resident to their default embedded network provider instead of helping them select from available a retail electricity offers.

  • Embedded network Yes or No
  • If yes, a URL for the network provider

5. Existing online services

If your building has an existing resident portal (e.g. MyCommunity, Mybos or BuildingLink) and/or owners portal (Stratamax, Rockend, property IQ etc) Roost can redirect to these for registrations and owner services. If the building has a chat group we can also link to this for registered residents.

All Roost buildings have a default “join” option for residents to subscribe to their building for outbounds and announcements. If external online services are specified then this option will redirect the resident to this.

  • Resident portal (URL)
  • Owner portal (URL)
  • Social media group (Whatsapp or Facebook URL)

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