How Roost helps apartment buildings during COVID19

An always-on virtual concierge for your apartment building

Over 2.5 million Australians living in residential apartment buildings and owner occupiers and tenants in these buildings now face weeks and potentially months of social distancing in their apartments due to COVID-19.

Residents will need and value access to timely online information, services and people 24/7, and building teams will need to meet these challenges with new always-on, virtual services that are easy to find and use.

Roost is here to help

Roost is a platform for always-on resident self-service for residents in 74,000 Australian apartment buildings.

  • Roost enables residents to access useful information, services and people related to their building whenever they need it via an automated virtual assistant
  • Committees and building teams can use Roost to keep residents informed via building bulletin boards, outbound email and SMS announcements or community comment forums
  • Residents can also find or offer useful products and services via our online essentials and new resident marketplace

Every Roost building has an always on virtual concierge that can be quickly activated with some basic contact and building data to handle a wide range of residents tasks and requests, including self-isolation notifications. Residents, building management and OC managers can activate Roost buildings with some basic building information.

Our basic building activation is free for residents and building teams, and premium features are available for a small per building monthly or annual license.

Roost buildings can be activated for self-service in minutes.


Here’s what Roost’s virtual concierge can do:

Roost’s virtual concierge can support a range of resident and building team tasks, and is available via a dedicated building landing page inside the Roost platform.

Main menu

Roost provides an easy to find, always-on place for strata residents to find useful information, services and people related to their building, saving residents time and improving resident service. Each Roost building has a 24/7 virtual concierge that can be activated by residents and/or building teams.

Roost’s concierge supports:

  • Resident information access (OC rules, residents guide etc)
  • Resident problem reporting and support (including self-isolation notifications)
  • Moving in assistance
  • Emergency contacts and support
  • Services help
  • Contact requests
  • Links to legacy resident management and owner portals and websites

Authorised building teams can also use Roost to:

  • Send quick announcements to registered residents (email and SMS)
  • Post bulletins to building landing pages
  • Message specific residents
  • Manage resident contact information
  • Customise concierge’s information


Activate your building on Roost today!

Turn on your building’s a 24/7 virtual concierge for a specific building or buildings you manage within hours;

  1. Find your Roost (we have 74,000 buildings on our platform!)
  2. Activate your Roost with some basic information
  3. Promote your Roost in your building (we can also supply building specific invites with QR codes)
  4. Enjoy your better, smarter building!

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