Roost for residents

Get a digital service platform for your apartment building

Roost is a digital service platform for apartment buildings

24/7 virtual concierge service

Report and get help with problems

Receive building announcements

Contact your building team

How Roost makes your apartment building better & smarter

Roost helps apartment residents access useful building information, services and people whenever they need it via an easy to find online service and embedded smart virtual concierge.

Roost is 100% free for residents, committees and building teams.

Better apartment living

Finding the right building information, people and services when you need it can be painful. Roost helps you access whatever you need all in one place, anytime you need it.

Each Roost building has a ready to activate, always-on virtual concierge to help residents with a variety of tasks. Building teams can also use Roost to send announcements and manage their community.

Apartment residents can activate Roost buildings for free with some basic data. Find your building and click “activate” or fill in the form below.

Activate your building

What you get

  • An always-on virtual concierge to help residents access useful information, services and people for their building, anytime they need it
  • Automated resident problem reporting and support
  • Resident information dashboard with useful building information and documents
  • Easy resident communications & announcements via email and SMS
  • Building sale and rental listings, recent history and property insights
  • An essentials marketplace for useful apartment products and service

What it costs

  • Roost is 100% FREE for residents, owners committees and building teams
  • Invite your building team to use Roost for resident management and email and SMS building announcements for a small monthly or annual fee